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tv   Action News  ABC  June 11, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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"action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. tonight was a sidewalk diner's paradise. not too hot, not too humid, just about right for june 10.
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but june 11 will be a different story. much too hot, much too humid, and could be the start of a heat wave. wednesday night, the big story on "action news" tonight is the late word from accuweather, the heat is only its way. let's go outside to cecily tynan. >> it is hard to believe near-record heat on the way tomorrow when you consider how comfortable it is tonight and even today. the highs in the eastern half philadelphia 86 degrees and low humidity. it felt pretty good. looking from the midwest to the plains states a solid area of temperatures in the 90s, that is our heading our way tomorrow. by 3:30 philadelphia time the record high for the date set back in 1986 of 95 degrees the hottest day so far this year. with that heat will come increasing humidity. so ozone action air quality day has been posted for tomorrow.
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what this means is that the air quality will be unhealthy for sensitive groups. if you have respiratory problems, the elderly or very young should really limit their time outdoors. satellite 6 along with action radar showing a cold front across new york state. what it will do is sink farther to the south and then stall. with our heat and humidity and the cold front to the north, we likely see the thundershowers develop in the afternoon. could be scattered, but some strong to severe. i will talk about that and when the heat wave will end in the full accuweather forecast. gunfire claimed a man's live in philadelphia tonight. happening near 9:30 near 8th and lehigh. the unidentified victim shot several times and taken to the hospital, the police with no suspects. and trying to sort out a hatch the attack a man taking
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swings at his son. it happened in a home on the 3200 block of mount vernon. the victim has cuts and bruises but will survive. the philadelphia police trying to track down a clerk from a food market tonight. they say he got into an argument with a customer and shot with a hand gun. and the customer was rushed into surgery and sharrie williams is live at the hospital. what are the details? >> detectives calling this one having a bizarre twist as it was the clerk who went too far and pulled a gun out on the customer. that customer is recovering here tonight while the clerk is wanted by police. it was june 3 around 12:20 in the middle of the day. a customer walked into the food market in the mill creek section. the customer asked for change for a $20 and that's when things
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took a turn to the worse. the clerk claimed the bill was a fake. watch the surveillance video as they begin to argue. the store
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customer is recovering and doing better. as for the store clerk if you recognize his face or know his fame, the police are trying to get a handle on who he is and where he is. live in university city sharrie williams, channel 6 "action news." jim? >> thank you. prosecutors will seek the death penalty against the two men accused of killing philadelphia police sergeant robert wilson iii during a wild shoot-out in march. coming at the arraignment of hipps and williams.
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and the authorities say both men share blame for the a fatal wounds. dozens of shots were fired in the gunbattle in the north philadelphia gamestop. wilson struck six times. the pennsylvania house has taken an official public stance against the governor's moratorium on executions. ment lawmakers voted 119-71 today to condemn the policy urging the governor to reverse it the non-binding resolution says that governor cannot nullify law based on their personal disapproval with the legal process. governor wolf enacted the halt on that in february calling iterit er error-prone and expensive. and khayberay dann cuellar live
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at city hall. >> giving approval for millions in revenue, but not all the money the district was seeking. >> in a situation where we don't have a level of certainty on what we have or what we will be able to do or provide. >> william hite has been down the road before and made painful cuts in the budget the last two years. he says the difference now is this -- >> we have no other place to cut. we have been very clear with that. >> district seeking $103 million in revenue from the question. raising three taxes, property youth and ok -- ok paptcy and parking. >> it is difficult, but we need the school district to look at it in a different way. >> and looking at calling for an
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oversight commit. >> we think it is important to have ran aggressive approach to make sure the fiscal house is in order talking about restructuring of the school district's debt which is extensive. >> if we had to go back and find $40 million in savings, then the only thing left to do is to increase class size. the class sizes are already at 33. that's not something that i've willing to do just yet. >> whatever city council does it will do so in a final vote june 18. and then members go on the summer recess and not return until september. live at city hall for channel "action news." >> thank you. a judge today acquitted 10 people of disorderly conduct in municipal court. the defendants did not hesitate to express themselves as they left.
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arrested at a town hall meeting after the shooting of brandon tate-brown. accusing them of treating african-americans with disregard then and several make those claims today. the ntsb says the engineer was not talking, not texting it nor downloading data on his phone before last month's amtrak accident in philadelphia. and they don't know if the engineer, brandon bostian, might have been using an app or looking at emails. they will find out. eight people killed when the train hit the curve at 106 miles per hour. joe the water back on along 10th street, but may not stay that way way. repairing a water main break and something went wrong. it will not be repaired for
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months, residents should be prepared for rolling water outages throughout the customer. more than 400 people gathered under the big top tonight dressed in their finest for the washington square affair. the annual event helps to raise money for upkeep of this historic green space. a beautiful night for a beauty pageant parade. the women competing to be the next miss new jersey staying a stroll along the board of of -- of -- of -- boardwalk. they were carried by care chariots before the crowd. troops on the move. explaining how many more american military service members that president obama is deploying in the fight against iz isis. what would motivate people to dive into a giant bowl of
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jello. and you may want to do that tomorrow. after days in the 80s, tracking three days in the 90s. how hot it will feel and what is in the accuweather forecast. and registered nurse ali gorman here after being her own test subject. >> somebody has to do it. hearing of new friends that help you lose weight or become healthier. and a super seed drinks can charcoal charcoal coming up in "healthcheck." what are we doing with charcoal? drinking it in oh, my. and the phillies when "action news" continues.
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successful weight loss plain plan i think it is around 65 pounds. >> how the injections can help. >> allows the liver to work for effectively and the body ma tab tab -- metabolize the fat better. >> by itself is it the answer? no. can it help in conjunction with others, maybe. >> and the other tea, some say it can boost metabolism and help you lose weight. and explaining it is pure whole
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tea leaves. >> instead of seeping the dried tea leaves in the water we are grinding it up and it is throughout the entire drink. >> it has high fiber and it may boost heart health and lower risk for some diseases. as for helping with weight loss that has never been proven. but lindsey says in ancient time it helped people slow down and be more mindful, which is still a healthy practice today. >> if anything it gets us to be present that's a good thing. >> and you can find it at coffee houses including starbucks. but if you get a latte mixed with sugar it loses the benefits. and they say it is not enough to flush out the full nutrients.
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>> and you can get a frappuccino. >> then you are defeating the purpose. >> i bet it does. a busy nights for caps and gowns across the area with thousands of students marching to graduation. one of the largest commencement ceremonies in bucks county as the seniors of pennsbury high school graduated. 750 graduates received diplomas during the school's 67th commencement. also in bucks county bensalem high school had the graduation at the memorial football stadium. and this was the school's 91st commencement and a proud moment for the teenagers and their family. "action news" attended a somewhat smaller service tonight for 38 youngster whose completed 8th 8th grade and moving on to high school. graduating from an independent
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catholic jesuit high school. and the services had speeches songs prayers and scholarship press he takings s -- presentations. and the other spectrum adults had a reason to celebrate. they recently passed their g.e.d. exams. the the celebration at the central branch of the free library. let's talk about this first this is really something. this is the official logo for pope francis's visit to philadelphia. the u.s. conference of catholic bishops released it today along with the motto "love is our mission." pope francis in philadelphia september 26 and 27 and you can tell folks are gearing up we now have the logo and all kinds of developments are helping almost every week from now on. >> it will be excited.
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it will be packed. >> to say the least. the accuweather forecast. the weather is going to get hot. hot and humid and a little unsettled. tonight we have a dry night, a quiet night and the action cam hanging out in manayunk. it is a great night to go fishing. the manayunk canal feeling nice. low humidity. temperatures on the low side. allentown 73 reading 73 and well wilmington 72 degrees. in the clear, the high pressure moving to the south and east, the classic heat pump. and you see the line of thunderstorms. that's where the cold front that will stall north of us tomorrow. and that could trigger some afternoon thunderstorms. the morning bus stop visit will be quiet. won't have thunderstorms in the morning. lots of sunshine. slightly humid and already warm. the humidity will be increasing
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through the day and the temperatures will be soaring. ment record high 95 set back in 1986 will likely be tying that tomorrow. the warmest day so far for the year. and with this front we could see some thunderstorms triggered by the afternoon. the best chance of strong is north of philadelphia they are scattered not widespread. and on friday nearly as hot, 94 degrees. friday feeling more oppressive the humidity will be higher. futuretracker shows the way it will feel. the heat index a bill bsh-- bit of a shock to the system. by friday afternoon it the higher humidity the heat index could be higher close to 100 degrees. take it easy not having this heat since last summer and not used to it. and the near record heat tomorrow. 95 degrees and increasing
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humidity with scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon. again, the best chance of strong storms is north of philadelphia. friday, 94 degrees. even more than humid. and feeling closer to 99. and saturday this is going to be a close one. if we hit 90 and can get that before the clouds roll in with the cold front it is the first heat wave of the year. the cold front will bring us thunderstorms late in the day, and saturday night. and by sunday temperatures dropping back down into the mid 80s. 85 degrees still warm but really out of oppressive heat. and tuesday, 84 with a couple of hours and thunderstorms. and wednesday sun mixes with clouds and high of 86 degrees. and david murphy with the update on "action news" beginning at 4:30. and if the forecast has you thinking of going for a swim the folks in the next story have a different notion of a dip in the pool. this is the american heritage
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jello olympics. and one of the events was a plunge in a pool with 700 gallons of bright red gelatin. of the proceeds benefit kids and hope foundation helping children battling illness. across the country it is america's favorite jackpot game. get ready everybody, this is powerball. tonight we have a guaranteed jackpot worth $50 million. good luck it is time to see how you did. the first number down is 49. and right after that america, we have the number 32. tonight heading to canton michigan to meet brian who matched all five white ball numbers. and he, of course, won $1 million. and the next number down 31 followed by 53. and rounding it out with the number 48. now for your winning powerball number, good luck to you. it is 25. and your winning power play multiplier is 2. one more close look at tonight's
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winning numbers from all of us
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phillies wanted to avoid the sweep in cincinnati. >> they are in a bad place not a very good team. the phillies need to come home. not saying that things will be better here but they certainly can't be worse than they have
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been on the road for them. the phillies lose in cincinnati the seventh straight road loss. and frazier with the catch of the day. williams now winless in the last five starts. the first inning the 3-run homer the second dinger this series. giving up 4 runs in six innings, 4-0. and rupp with the start behind the plate and the r.b.i. double. driving in both of the phillies runs today, 4-2. and going 2-4. and elvis on in relief in the seventh and he is almost tagged and the phillies lose. they are off tomorrow and will be in pittsburgh on friday. out of the four major pro sports team in found the eagles have the best shot at winning the championship. but do they have a championship quarterback on the roster? that's what we don't know yet. the coaches rave when what sam
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bradford can do when healthy. the quarterback situation will consume us all summer. but for the players it is not their option. >> we have to try to get open every play and be the best we can. and they have to do the same with run blocking. and it will be a battle for that spot. i think in the camp as well. but we will never put all of the faith in one guy. still to come we will chronicle lebron james's outstanding play in the nba finals. and the stanley cup final
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>> every game of the stanley cup final has been decided by just one goal. that trend continues in tonight's game four. the blackhawks and lightning from chicago. and kimmo timonen seeing the first action. and tied at 1-1 in the face-off. and sticking with it, it turns out to be the difference. chicago wins 2-1 and ties the series at 2-2. game five is start back in tampa. and three games and lebron james having an nba finals to remember. averages 41 point per contest. the cavs look to take the 3-1 series lead on the warriors. and right now he is galvanizing his team. >> the maybe objective is to make sure my guys are laser sharp getting myself mentally and physically prepared to battle.
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up 2-1. our team is finding for our lives. we are undermanned and undermatched and are fighting. >> we will remain in cleveland for game four. it is set for tomorrow night at 9:00 here on 6abc. >> thank you. finally, a special night for the creators of a documentary about a philadelphia sport success story off the field. tonight the premier of "sons of ben" in center city. the documentary about a group of local soccer fans who were called sons of ben and their winning efforts to bring the philadelphia union to philadelphia. "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightline." jimmy's guests tonight, kit harington chris gethard and music from dwight yoakam. "action news" continues at 4:30. for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. good night. ♪♪ "action news" is sponsored
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